Training Log – Weeks 1,2

Comment: As I’ve done many times in recent years, I counted weeks backward from the next Indy 500 Festival Mini-Marathon until I got to sixteen, and then declared on the first day of the first week of the sixteen that I was in-training for my next goal race. This year, the day fell on January 15. I don’t have a formal training program that I’ve chosen, but I’m thinking of simply trying to begin with about twenty miles per week of easy running divided between three or four running sessions until I get reacquainted with this quantity of running. Then maybe I’ll create a short training sub-program with designated fast runs and long runs about two months before the race. I’m planning to add a little bit of stretching and weight lifting this year for balance, which I haven’t been doing so much in previous training programs. I’m not going to begin the program with anything hard, because I don’t have a solid running base on which to build. For the past two months, I took a break from goals and plans, intending to just run for fun, and unexpectedly, I mostly took a break from running.

Comment: Back at the beginning of the year 2016, I made a New Year’s resolution to run less, keeping running distance totals down to around twenty miles per week and thirteen miles per long run maximum. I reminded myself of the resolution repeatedly, and did an excellent job of adherence throughout the year. In the beginning of the year 2017, I made an unresolution, to free myself from the previous year’s resolution and run as much I want. And on New Year’s day, I registered for the next Monumental Marathon. The Indy 500 Festival Mini-Marathon will be my next goal race, but it will also be a step to my next full marathon.

Raw Data: The following are the dates, distances, paces, and locations of running sessions. For some sessions, additional information is included. ** 15-Jan-2017, 4.0 miles, 10.9 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 17-Jan-2017, 3.3 miles, 10.3 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 20-Jan-2017, 3.1 miles, 10.3 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 21-Jan-2017, 5.53 miles, 10:58 minutes per mile, neighborhood. ** 22-Jan-2017, 4.01 miles, 10:33 minutes per mile, neighborhood. ** 24-Jan-2017, 2.5 miles, 11.0 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 28-Jan-2017, 5.2 miles, 11.5 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** The total running distance was 27.6 miles for weeks 1 and 2.