Training Log – Weeks 3,4

Comment: I participated in the Groundhog 7, which is an annual running event held on the Sunday closest to Groundhog Day. The race is Indy Runners’ gift to the running community; a timed and managed race offered free for all runners who are willing to donate an item to a local food charity. I did not train specifically for this event, and in fact, I only registered onsite an hour before the start. The day was unusually sunny and warm for an Indiana winter, and I finished with a pace that was about a half minute per mile faster than my pace in the same event last year. I’m pleased if that means I’m starting my current training for the Indy Mini-Marathon at a higher performance level than last year.

Comment: On 04-Feb-2017, the temperature was a steady 14 F throughout my outdoor run. I don’t keep detailed records of weather conditions during running sessions, but I’m sure this sets a cold temperature record for me. And after the first mile or two, I felt fine, and I returned home hot and sweaty like after any other long running session.

Raw Data: The following are the dates, distances, paces, and locations of running sessions. For some sessions, additional information is included. ** 29-Jan-2017, 3.79 miles, 10:36 minutes per mile, neighborhood. ** 31-Jan-2017, 5.3 miles, 10.9 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 02-Feb-2017, 3.8 miles, 10.7 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 04-Feb-2017, 6.75 miles, 10:18 minutes per mile, neighborhood. ** 05-Feb-2017, 7.01 miles, 10:31 minutes per mile, the Groundhog 7 on the Zionsville Rail Trail and through some neighborhoods near Zionsville High School. The data comes from my running watch, which agrees almost exactly with the official race results, though I didn’t anticipate the starting line correctly and started the watch several seconds early. ** 07-Feb-2017, 3.5 miles, 10.2 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 09-Feb-2017, 3.3 miles, 10.7 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 11-Feb-2017, 10.01 miles, 11:15 minutes per mile, neighborhood including a segment on the newest section of the B&O Trail east from CR 500 E. ** The total running distance was 43.5 miles for weeks 3 and 4.