Training Log – Weeks 7,8

Comment: During most of this winter, my fast runs are not as fast as last year and my long runs are not as long as last year, but I’m not concerned. My attitudes about training change a bit from year to year, and this year I’m mostly focused on achieving total miles. In some years I think that speed during fast runs is important, and in other years I think that distance during long runs is important, but this year I’m just running my twenty miles per week and not caring about speed or distance in any particular running sessions.

Comment: March is typically the month each year that I purchase a new pair of running shoes. I’ll just put a note here in this training log that I won’t be purchasing shoes during this training period. I realized last year that I’ve been running over a thousand miles per pair of shoes, which is too much, and I want to be really serious about the full marathon I plan to run in the fall of 2017, so I’m going to purchase two pairs of shoes this year. The first pair was a few months ago, before I started training for the Indy Mini-Marathon. It was a pair of Brooks Glycerine version 14 size 10.5 medium running shoes in black with red trim from Blue Mile Broad Ripple. The second pair will be next summer, when I start training for the Monumental Marathon.

Comment: At the latest meeting of the B&O Trail Association, the volunteer organization reported progress in converting the former B&O Railroad into a recreational trail. The bridge over the White Lick Creek is finished and the trail is paved west of Brownsburg to CR 500 E, though they designate the western section to be closed because the street crossings don’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. I run along CR 500 E past the western end of the trail on most Saturday mornings, and have been restraining myself from simply going around the orange barricades and running down the perfectly usable trail.

Raw Data: The following are the dates, distances, paces, and locations of running sessions. For some sessions, additional information is included. ** 28-Feb-2017, 3.5 miles, 10.4 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 02-Mar-2017, 3.1 miles, 9.9 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 04-Mar-2017, 13.12 miles, 11:11 minutes per month, neighborhood. The temperature of 30 F meant that winter returned after some freaky weeks of temperatures in the 60’s F. ** 06-Mar-2017, 5.5 miles, 10.9 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 08-Mar-2017, 3.2 miles, 10.4 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 11-Mar-2017, 13.41 miles, 11:05 minutes per mile, neighborhood. Although the temperature was not too bad at 23 F, the wind made the air feel cold and I wasn’t comfortable. ** The total running distance was 41.8 miles for weeks 7 and 8.