Training Log – Weeks 9,10

Comment: In the first week of this training program, I didn’t have any formal plan, and began with about twenty total miles per week of easy running. I still don’t have any formal plan, but I’m solidly back into my normal routine of designated fast runs on weekdays and long runs on Saturdays. With a little more than a month until the Indy Mini-Marathon, I’m going to increase my total mileage to about twenty-five miles per week for the next two or three weeks.

Raw Data: The following are the dates, distances, paces, and locations of running sessions. For some sessions, additional information is included. ** 14-Mar-2017, 3.1 miles, 9.5 minutes per mile, treadmill. I pushed for speed, to convince myself that I’m making progress toward being race ready. ** 18-Mar-2017, 13.71 miles, 11:06 minutes per mile, neighborhood and into the countryside. For the multiple consecutive week, the angel in me honored the closed sign at the west end of the B&O Trail. ** 21-Mar-2017, 3.1 miles, 9.4 minutes per mile, treadmill. I pushed for speed again, and showed some more progress. ** 23-Mar-2017, 4.0 miles, 10.4 minutes per mile, treadmill. For some reason, I felt fatigued during this session. ** 25-Mar-2017, 13.11 miles, 10:45 minutes per mile, neighborhood and into the countryside. After many consecutive Saturdays of temperatures below freezing, suddenly this day had temperatures in the 60’s, and the weather felt wonderful. I’ve been a good citizen this winter about the B&O Trail, but the devil in me surfaced on this day and ignored the closed sign on the new section of the B&O Trail, and I joined other runners and walkers on a short trip from CR 500 E to CR 575 E and back. ** The total running distance was 37.0 miles for weeks 9 and 10.