Training Log – Weeks 13,14

Comment: On the two weekends of this training period, I went to the large municipal park that is so popular with runners in metropolitan Indianapolis and intended that the sessions be dress rehearsals for the Indy Mini-Marathon, but I was unable to achieve elapsed times that were reasonably close to my goal time for the race. Not to worry, though. I’m an experienced runner and this has happened before, including these two weekends a year ago, with no consequences. I will attribute the slowness to accumulated fatigue from training, and expect some speediness to return by race day.

Comment: My training has peaked and now it’s time to begin a two week taper. I’ve had a sense that I’ve haven’t tapered well in recent training programs, so I’ve done some research and made a plan. I will not have any more hard running sessions that push for either speed or distance. All runs will be no faster than goal race pace of 10 minutes per mile, for 3.1 miles twice in week 15 and 3.1 miles once or twice early in week 16, and for 8 miles at the end of week 15. For my diet, I will maximize carbohydrates and proteins and minimize fats and fiber in week 16, then switch to mostly complex carbohydrates for two days before the race.

Raw Data: The following are the dates, distances, paces, and locations of running sessions. For some sessions, additional information is included. ** 10-Apr-2017, 4.0 miles, 10.2 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 13-Apr-2017, 3.2 miles, 9.2 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 15-Apr-2017, 13.12 miles, 10:42 minutes per mile, Eagle Creek Park. Instead of my normal practice of running by feel and looking at my watch to learn the pace, I looked at my watch and ran by pace, then learned the feel. I’m transitioning to racing mode. I ran each of the thirteen miles in about ten and three-quarter minutes, and felt more fatigued than I wished to feel just three weeks before the race. ** 17-Apr-2017, 4.96 miles, 10:25 minutes per mile, neighborhood. ** 19-Apr-2017, 3.3 miles, 9.8 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 20-Apr-2017, 4.0 miles, 10.2 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 23-Apr-2017, 13.11 miles, 10:54 minutes per mile, Eagle Creek Park. This was supposed to be the hardest long run of training, and I was hoping it would be the fastest long run of training. I ran each of the first nine miles in about ten and three-quarter minutes, but then became too fatigued to maintain the pace and slowed to eleven and a half minutes for each of the last four miles. Note this day is Sunday, yet I’m crediting the session to the previous training period, because I was compelled to use my normal Saturday time slot to participate in the extraordinary and unprecedented March for Science. ** The total running distance was 45.7 miles for weeks 13 and 14.