Training Log – Weeks 15,16

Comment: I’m ready. My ninth consecutive Indy Mini-Marathon will be Saturday May 6 in Indianapolis. I’ll line up in corral “N” on Washington St near the Indiana Repertory Theater. I’ll start in the middle of the third wave and begin my race a few minutes after the third start time of 7:50 am.  The course is White River Pkwy, Michigan St, Holt Rd, 10th St, and Main St to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, once around the track, and different sections of Holt Rd, 10th St, Michigan St, and White River Pkwy to New York St and Military Park.  I’ll end my race within a few minutes of 10:00 am.

Comment: When I registered a year ago for the Indy Mini-Marathon, I predicted an elapsed time of 2:15 hours. This is slightly slower than my actual elapsed time a year ago of 2:14 hours and my average elapsed time for all eight previous Indy Mini-Marathons of 2:12 hours. During the final five weekend long runs of this training program, I ran paces of approximately 10:45 minutes per mile, and after a good taper in the past two weeks, I think a race pace of 10:18 minutes per mile this year or even faster is achievable. I am therefore setting a goal of finishing this year with an elapsed time between 2:15 and 2:12 hours, though the truth is that I feel exceptionally healthy, fit, strong, and injury-free, and I am setting a secret goal of finishing this year with an elapsed time of 2:07 hours. Don’t tell anyone!

Raw Data: The following are the dates, distances, paces, and locations of running sessions. For some sessions, additional information is included. ** 25-Apr-2017, 3.1 miles, 10.1 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 27-Apr-2017, 3.1 miles, 9.9 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** 29-Apr-2017, 6.0 miles, 10.0 minutes per mile, treadmill. An entire weekend of continuous thunderstorms kept me inside. ** 02-May-2017, 3.1 miles, 9.9 minutes per mile, treadmill. ** The total running distance was 15.3 miles for weeks 15 and 16. The grand total running distance was 291.5 miles for the training program.


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