Rebooting the Blog

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will notice big changes with this post. The graphic design of the whole site is new and all of the content is gone. The platform on which the blog is built remains and the host from which the blog is served remains, but I’ve chosen a new theme and new graphic elements, and deleted year’s worth of essays, images, quotes, and more.

When I started this blog a long time ago, I envisioned that I would be writing about running as a spiritual practice and including supplemental material about running and spirituality, hence the word ‘Soul’ in the title ‘Running Soul in the Heartland’. While that vision was realized for a year or two, I began depositing my training logs and race reports here, and then the site gradually evolved into a record of my long-distance running activities. I have now decided to start over again and create a running blog, much like the zillions of other running blogs on the internet, except this one will be mine.

The singular focus of this blog for the next five months will be my conquering of the marathon, one step at a time. I will write mostly for my own benefit, but you, my dear readers, are welcome to follow along on my journey. And let me explain what I mean by conquering the marathon. Two years, ago, I trained for and participated in my first marathon. While I successfully reached the finish line and can legitimately call myself a marathoner, I found the training to be grueling, was injured in the event, limped to the finish line, and didn’t fully recover for months. In my mind, I feel that I survived the marathon. That wasn’t fun. I want to run another marathon, and simply surviving is not good enough. I intend to learn from the experience and have a much better result in my second marathon.

This year, I will conquer the marathon.


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