Training Log: Week 1

As I take my first steps to conquer the marathon, I know that I need a training program. I decided that the structures for my long runs will originate from Indy Runners, the premier running club in Indianapolis, of which I’ve been a member for about a decade. Indy Runners holds an informal Monumental Marathon training program that lasts for eighteen weeks. Members gather at the wooden running deck on the Monon Trail in Broad Ripple every Saturday morning, listen to announcements and instructions for the training sessions, and launch the actual running in several waves at 7:30 am. The club explores different running routes including the Monon Trail, Central Canal Towpath, Williams Creek, and Butler University, passing through the neighborhoods of Broad Ripple, Butler-Tarkington, and Meridian-Kessler. There are also some routes on parts of the actual Monumental Marathon course. A map and highlights are also sent to members several days in advance of the sessions. Since this week is the first week of the training program for Indy Runners, this week is the first week of the training program for me.

Naturally, to conquer the marathon, I also need a marathon. As I may have revealed in the previous paragraph, I decided to run the 2017 Monumental Marathon. I’ve been registered since the opening of registration on 01-Jan-2017. I’ll write more about this event in a future training log.

** 04-Jul-2017, 9.24 miles, 11:54 minutes per mile. From home through residential neighborhoods and countryside to new west end of the B&O Trail and east to new bridge over the White Lick Creek. and back to home. Weather was 73 to 80 F and sunny. My pace was slow as a concession to the heat, but this was a good session.

** 06-Jul-2017, 3.4 miles, 10.0 minutes per mile, including intervals of 3 by 0.5 miles at 9.0 minutes per mile, on a.treadmill.  This was the first time in my running career that I ran intervals, as I always thought that intervals were a silly practice of runners who took their training too seriously. Am I one of those runners now?

** 08-Jul-2017, 11.13 miles, 10:58 minutes per mile. From running deck in Broad Ripple north on the Monon Trail to the Carmel Community Center, and back to running deck, with Indy Runners. Weather was 66 to 72 F and sunny. Nutrition was banana pre-run, Gatorade drink at mile 4, Carb Boom gel with copious amounts of water at mile 7, and two Quaker Chewy Granola bars post-run. I did my best to hold an even pace of 10:57 minutes per mile throughout the session, which is a bit fast for me at this distance, yet I still felt strong at the end. When my long runs lengthen toward twenty miles, nutrition will be part of my training, so I may as well start this week.

Total training this week, 23.8 miles running. Music of the week, Kwiaty by Jacaszek.

Many of my running sessions will take me across the new bridge on the B&O Trail over the White Lick Creek.

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  1. Good luck training for your marathon. I also started blogging to write about my own experiences while training for my marathon in November. I look forward to seeing your success.

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