Training Log: Week 3

As I take my next steps to conquer the marathon, I know that I need a more detailed training program. I decided that the plans for my entire program will originate from Furman University. Their program was developed over a decade ago by the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST). The foundation of their program is a method that includes three quality running sessions plus two cross-training sessions per week for a duration of sixteen weeks. The three quality running sessions per week are a fast run, a tempo run, and a long run, and the program provides specific paces, distances, and goals for every session every week. The two cross-training sessions per week are non-impact aerobic exercises like cycling and swimming, which increase fitness levels without increasing injury risk. Compared to other marathon training programs, the FIRST plan tends to have faster paces and shorter distances with more recovery between sessions, due to the cross-training. Although this week is the third of eighteen weeks of training for Indy Runners and me, it is my first week of training on the FIRST plan.

As for this week, I already felt short on the cross-training sessions. The 2017 Indy Film Fest took place, offering eleven days of cutting-edge independent films, social events and panels with film makers, and parties and discussions with film fans. My wife and I purchased an all-access pass and turned this local festival into a vacation, as we have done each previous year, and we had three good friends join us for several of the days this year. My marathon training and several days of work in my day job had to squeeze into the gaps.

** 17-Jul-2017, 4.0 miles, 9.9 minutes per mile, including intervals of 3 by 0.7 at 9.0 minutes per mile, on a treadmill. My training program called for shorter and faster intervals, but I found that I didn’t feel secure running so fast on a treadmill, so I made an adjustment.

** 19-Jul-2017, 3.1 miles, 9.9 minutes per mile, on a treadmill.

** 23-Jul-2017, 7.14 miles, 11:21 minutes per mile. From home through residential neighborhoods with loops, and back to home. Weather was 73 F and high humidity, and then a surprise thunderstorm hit. My pace was slow as a concession to the heat, except at the end when I heard the first clap of thunder.and sprinted back home to avoid being struck by lightning.

Total distance this week, 14.2 miles. Music of the week, Pleasure by Feist.

The B&O Trail keeps growing westward in Hendricks County Indiana, and it will become one of primary running routes.