Training Log: Week 4

As I noticed two years ago when I joined the Indy Runners informal Monumental Marathon training program, I am again one of the slowest of the trainees for the full marathon. I have running partners each Saturday morning when I launch from the running deck with the slowest of the four waves of runners, but when the trainees for the half marathon split away to their shorter route, I am mostly alone and the full marathon trainees are far ahead. Sometimes I’ll briefly see some of the most serious runners if they add an extra loop to middle of the course and pass me later on. This is not a complaint, just an observation.

I performed well in my training program this week, substantially achieving the various goals for my running sessions, but for the second week, I fell short on the cross-training sessions. I’ve got excuses, but I’ll not waste space in this post to list them.

** 25-Jul-2017, 3.49 miles, 9:58 minutes per mile, including intervals of 3 by 0.5 miles at 8.8 minutes per mile, in the neighborhood. I’m finding intervals to be very challenging, and can’t do as many as my training plan indicates for given distances and paces.

** 27-Jul-2017, 5.0 miles, 10.0 minutes per mile, on a treadmill. The fitness facility that my wife and I have used for several years was closed for the week, so I went for the first time to the facility in the next suburb south that belongs to the same national chain. That facility is bigger and nicer, and I might go back again occasionally to do cross-training.

** 29-Jul-2017, 12.70 miles, 11:08 minutes per mile. From running deck in Broad Ripple south on the Monon Trail, west on 52th St, through parts of the Butler University campus, west on the Central Canal Towpath to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and then east to running deck, and north on the Monon Trail to the Indiana School for the Blind and back to running deck, with Indy Runners. Weather was 61 to 71 F and sunny. Nutrition was Clif bar pre-run, Sportade drink at mile 7, Gatorade drink at mile 9, and two Quaker Chewy Granola bars post-run.

Total distance this week, 21.2 miles. Music of the week, Keep It Together by Lily and Madeleine.

Indy Runners often selects courses that send its marathon trainees through Butler University. On this day we ran on the Central Canal Towpath (left) and in Holcomb Gardens (far right).