Training Log: Week 5

Already in week five, I’m seeing gains in my running performance. During this week’s fast run, I ran four intervals at a certain distance and speed, and previously I could only run three such intervals. During this week’s long run, I ran fifteen miles at target pace, with less fatigue than I usually experience after my normal thirteen miles. I’m encouraged by progress so soon, and am starting to believe that ‘conquering the marathon‘ might be more than just a tagline on my blog.

When I trained for my first full marathon, it was week seven before somebody told me about marathon refueling strategies and race nutrition, which were unknown concepts to me because they aren’t issues when running half marathons. ‘Hitting the wall’ doesn’t happen until after mile thirteen. This time around, I’m already incorporating nutrition into my training, so I’ll be ready for the really long training runs as well as the event.

The Indy Runners training course this week was the first preview of a part of the actual Monumental Marathon event course; specifically, the northern extreme before the course heads back south to downtown Indianapolis.

** 01-Aug-2017, 4.0 miles, 9.6 minutes per mile, including intervals of 4 by 0.5 miles at 8.8 minutes per mile, on a treadmill. The local fitness club is open again after remodeling. The place looks a bit more colorful, but not functionally different.

** 03-Aug-2017, 4.5 miles, 9.9 minutes per mile, on a treadmill. I didn’t feel as hot at the end as in recent treadmill sessions, and wonder if the local fitness club improved its air conditioning during the remodeling, or maybe they just turned down the thermostat.

** 05-Aug-2017, 15.08 miles, 10:53 minutes per mile. From running deck in Broad Ripple over and north on College Ave, west through Warfleigh neighborhood, south on Meridian St, east on 52th St, north on the Monon Trail to running deck and beyond to 96th St, and south on the Monon Trail to running deck, with Indy Runners. Weather was 57 to 67 F and sunny. Nutrition was Clif bar pre-run, Sportade drink at mile 3 and again at mile 6, Carb Boom gel with water at mile 9, Gatorade drink at mile 12, and two Quaker Chewy Granola bars post-run. This was a lot of calories, but it worked well for me this day.

Total distance this week, 23.6 miles, plus cross-training (finally). Music of the week, Sad Clowns and Hillbillies by John Mellencamp. Quote of the moment, ‘When you run the marathon, you run against the distance, not against the other runners and not against the time’ by Haile Gebrselassie.

During the Indy Runners informal Monumental Marathon training program, the club stashes water and sport drink at strategic locations around mid-north Indianapolis.

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