Training Log: Week 6

There was a lot of competition for my free time this week. At the end of week, Drum Corps International came into Indianapolis to stage their annual World Championships. In addition to attending the major championship events, I spent part of a day with the Cavaliers, one of the member corps, and part of another day with Cavaliers alumni. At the beginning of the week, my wife and I had a wonderful several days to visit with her brother, a niece, and an aunt, who we don’t see often enough. Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze two quality training sessions for the marathon into my schedule.

** 08-Aug-2017, 4.3 miles, 10.1 minutes per mile, on a treadmill. This session felt harder than it should have.

** 12-Aug-2017, 12.35 miles, 11:25 minutes per mile. From B&O Trail parking lot on Green St in Brownsburg west to end of B&O Trail, east to other end of B&O Trail, and back to parking lot. Weather was 66 to 71 F and sunny. Nutrition was Clif bar pre-run, Carb Boom gel with water divided between mile 4 and mile 12, and Gatorade drink at mile 7 and mile 10. I felt hot and sluggish this session and couldn’t reach target distance and pace. Note that I didn’t try to wake up early enough to run with Indy Runners this week, because I was staying up too late at night participating in Drum Corps International activities.

Total distance this week, 16.7 miles. Music of the week, Melodrama by Lorde.

New segments of the B&O Trail are receiving brick and concrete end caps this year. The field on the right at CR 500 E will become a parking lot next month.