Training Log: Week 8

I’m not inspired this week to add a story or commentary to the top of my blog post, so I’ll skip right to the data.

** 22-Aug-2017, 4.7 miles, 10.0 minutes per mile, on a treadmill. First run in the new running shoes, and I really like them. The shoe upper seems to cling and stretch without rubbing as my foot flexes.

** 24-Aug-2017, 3.4 miles, 9.7 minutes per mile, including intervals of 3 by 0.7 miles at 8.8 minutes per mile, on a treadmill. Hay fever season started this week and my allergy symptoms were bad, but I persevered.

** 26-Aug-2017, 17.50 miles, 10:50 minutes per mile. From running deck in Broad Ripple north on the Monon Trail to Smoky Row Rd aka 136th St, south on the Monon Trail past running deck to Kessler Blvd, and north on the Monon Trail to running deck, with Indy Runners. The official Indy Runners course made a loop through the Williams Creek neighborhood, but I didn’t like the section on 86th St, so I skipped the loop and went further north on the Monon Trail instead and wasn’t the only member to do this. Weather was a perfect 55 to 65 F and sunny. My distance was longer and pace was faster than target for this day, and I felt good the whole way. Nutrition was Clif bar pre-run, Gatorade drink at mile 3, GU gel with water at mile 8 and again at mile 12. The whole session felt perfect and made me optimistic about achieving my goals in the upcoming marathon.

Total distance this week, 25.6 miles. Music of the week, Other Love Songs by Front Country. Quote of the moment, ‘If people were possessed by reason, running marathons would not work, but we are not creatures of reason, we are creatures of passion’, by Noel Carroll.

This year’s Monumental Marathon is just ten weeks away. Shown is Indy Runners’ cheer tent near the finish line of last year’s event.