Training Log: Week 9

I grew up in Toledo Ohio as part of a family that didn’t place much value on athletics. Preparing for a career and excelling in academics were more important. When I was student, I didn’t try out for any sports teams, and one of my greatest fears in high school was the twenty minute runs in gym class. I was one of the two slowest people in the class and felt like I was being judged for my lack of speed, and in fact, I couldn’t run twenty minutes without taking walking breaks. Eventually I learned to hate running, and by the time I became an adult and got married, an unconscious part of my self-image was that I couldn’t run and wasn’t a runner. During my twenty-five years living in Akron Ohio, I put running out of my mind and didn’t give much thought to running as a recreational activity. So what happened?

My mid-life career-related relocation to Indiana unexpectedly challenged my identity. Making a new home with my wife was more than just finding a new place to live, moving a bunch of possessions, and working a new job. Relocation forced a life review. Who was I as a person, if I no longer worked for that company, was part of that community, belonged to those organizations, or spent evenings and weekends with those friends? The continuity of my life was disrupted. So I decided to reinvent myself in the new location, and part of the new version of myself was being a runner. I was not going to be trapped inside my old self-image. And now here I am, writing another entry about marathon training and posting it in my running blog.

The Indy Runners training course this week was the third preview of a part of the actual Monumental Marathon event course; specifically, the route from the Indiana State Fairgrounds to Broad Ripple.

** 29-Aug-2017, 4.2 miles, 9.6 minutes per mile, including intervals of 3 by 1.0 miles at 9.0 minutes per mile, on a treadmill.

** 31-Aug-2017, 7.5 miles, 10.0 minutes per mile, on a treadmill.

** 02-Sep-2017, 14.75 miles, 10:45 minutes per mile. From running deck in Broad Ripple south on the Monon Trail, west on 38th St, north on Washington St and College Ave back to running deck, north on the Monon Trail to 86th St and south on the Monon Trail back to running deck, with Indy Runners. Weather was 54 to 61 F and sunny. Nutrition was Clif bar pre-run, Sportade drink at mile 4 and again at mile 8, GU gel with water at mile 12, and two Quaker Chewy Granola bars post-run.

Total distance this week, 26.5 miles. Music of the week, Sergeant Pepper’s by the Beatles. Quote of the moment, ‘I’ve learned that finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement, it’s a state of mind, a state of mind that says anything is possible.’ by John Hanc.

I didn’t capture any running-related images for my blog this week, so here’s Jennie DeVoe and her band performing at the Rathskeller Biergarten while I’m relaxing in the evening after a long run.