Training Log: Week 15

This week was the most intense week of my marathon training program; the culmination of fifteen weeks of escalating levels of effort to try to bring myself to a peak of running fitness. Now I look forward to three weeks of tapering before the big event.

The week started well, as I took the fast run up a notch from any previous fast run of the season, and extended the session to slightly over five miles. I continued two days later with a tempo run of five miles to bridge the fast run to the long run. Both runs felt easy and I was feeling confident about running the Monumental Marathon. Then the week ended with what was supposed to be a twenty mile long run.  Unfortunately, something went wrong before the end of the session. I developed pain in the inside of my left knee and weakness each time I landed on my left leg. I was forced to walk through the remainder of the course and even took a shortcut to shorten the distance.

I was hoping to finish this training program without injury. I’m now concerned, but not panicked. This injury seems minor, and I’ve got three weeks to figure out what happened and let my knee heal.

** 10-Oct-2017, 5.1 miles, 9.3 minutes per mile, including 4 intervals by 1.0 miles at 9.0 minutes per mile, on a treadmill.

** 12-Oct-2017, 5.0 miles, 9.9 minutes per mile, on a treadmill.

** 14-Oct-2017, 18.54 miles, 11:57 minutes per mile. From Lowes in Westfield/Carmel east, on the Hagen-Burke Trail from north end to south end, on the Monon Trail from north end to south end, and on the Cultural Trail from northeast corner to northwest corner, with Indy Runners. Weather was 57 to 74 F and sunny. Nutrition was Clif bar pre-run, GU gel with water at mile 7 and again at mile 13, Gatorade drink at mile 16, and catered meal on the downtown canal at finish. Ran first 12.0 miles at an average pace of 10.59 minutes per mile, which was the target pace, then injured left knee in mile 13.

Total distance this week, 28.6 miles. Music of the week, Sake of the Sound by Front Country.

One-hundred forty runners lined up in a downtown Indianapolis parking lot before sunrise, ready for the longest running session of the Indy Runners informal Monumental Marathon training program.
School buses were loaded to transport the marathon trainees twenty miles away and the half-marathon trainees eleven miles away. Lunch was waiting for us as we ran back to where we started.